Open call – CODEV Seed Money Grants for EPFL’s research and teaching entities

The Seed Money Grant is primarily allocated to promote the creation and launch of new projects of scientific cooperation with partners from emerging and developing countries. The key function of the Seed Money program is to fund the preparatory phase of a new project with a view to increase possibilities to leverage further external funding.


Selection criteria (among others)

  • The request is made by an EPFL’s research or teaching unit (institute, laboratory, college, centre).
  • The project is related to the activities of the requesting unit.
  • The project takes place in a developing or emerging country.
  • The requesting unit is actively involved in the project.

The maximum granted amount per project is CHF 20,000.

Opening: Mid – October 2015
Deadline for submissions: December 15th, 2015
More information (Available in EN)